Our training is based on a combination of strength and circuit style training. We love doing both, but doing one without the other would mean that our system would not be complete.

Doing the same circuit or same thing in the gym everyday will not get you the best results. Correct programming and learning how to progress in the gym, is essential to get the best results. Get on a program and stick to it! Click here to purchase one of our packages, currently on sale for the next 72 hours. We will write a program especially for you based on your own body and you personal goals. You will have free access to all of our BBB video tutorials to help you learn the correct technique to perform all of the exercises in your program, plus full online support with us throughout the 4 week program. It is us, Felicia and Diana, who write all of the programs and each and every email to our babes, so come on, let us help you Build Your Base Body!

Here is a little circuit to get a feel of what our training is like, but there is so much more to it. We put a lot of thought and time into our customised training programs and our knowledge and expertise in strength training is how we have helped so many women all over the world get strong, fit, healthy and in the best shape of their lives.

Base Body Babes Circuit:

Perform each exercise back to back A1-A5. Rest for 120 seconds at the end of A5 and then repeat the entire circuit again 4-6 times.

A1     12 x Walking Lunges (each way)

A2     12 x Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

A3     12 x Glute Bridges

A4     12 x Dumbbell Bent Over Rows

A5     Sled Push

To develop a perky butt and to create your ultimate body… SQUAT! We love squatting! Squatting variations are among our very favourite exercises and we base our programs around them. It’s more than just a leg exercise, it works almost every muscle in our body and is probably the most demanding of all resistance exercises and the most rewarding. We really favour training our lower body when we train with weights and this is because there is so much muscle to work with. The larger the muscle groups, the more challenging the exercise, the higher the calorie burn. Squats are the perfect exercise, they put the muscles in the right places and burns loads of calories.

Some of our favourite squat variations include:

High Bar Squats

Low Bar Squats

Front Squats

Pause Squats

Goblet Squats

Split Squats

Bulgarian Squats

Yes these are all very different exercises and are all great to include in your training. But remember, technique is the most important thing, so if you aren’t sure of how to perform these correctly or you don’t know where to start, click here and check out our packages. All BASE BODY BABES on our customised training programs get access to our online tutorials, where we demonstrate all of the exercises, giving you the confidence you need to get in the gym. Let us guide and help you Build Your Ultimate Base Body.


Happy Squatting babes!

Your Online PT’s

Felicia & Diana xxx

As personal trainers, it is our job to give people the tools they need to train as efficiently and safely as possible so they can achieve their desired results. As you know we love training with weights, it’s what we do and it’s what we specialise in teaching our babes. Together with this guy @australianstrengthcoach we have been working on developing some really great and unique content to share with everyone who attends our seminars.

We absolutely love what we do and as a team, we are now focusing heavily on our education. Over the weekend we started with Sebastian’s Strength System 2 Seminar at our gym Base Gym. It was seriously the best seminar we have ever been to. This course was for coaches and training enthusiasts and focused on technique, rehabilitation, anatomy, programming and training women. Everyone had such a great time learning and lifting. This weekend we head to Brisbane for Level 1 and 2 and then Melbourne next week.

To anyone interested in lifting weights and strength, Level 1 is an amazing course to learn our techniques and methods. Level 2 is a must do for all the trainers and serious gym goers. It is the most practical, useful course out there. For more information on the Strength System Seminars, click here.

To our babes on the other side of the world, we will be coming to Kuwait and Dubai in November to bring you our very first Base Body Babes seminars. In these short courses, we will be teaching our BBB methods, training techniques and everything we do to build our base bodies, including receiving a Base Body Babes 4 week training program and our Recommended Nutrition Plan. These courses are for women only. For more information on these, please contact us here.

We hope to meet you at one of our seminars soon.

Felicia, Diana and Sebastian xxx






A few weeks ago, we travelled with Sebastian (Felicia’s hubby and our business partner) to launch his Strength System Seminars. We had the most amazing weekend, travelling with our team and watching this legend teach over one hundred students about our Strength System.

The seminars sold out in every location and were filled with Personal Trainers, training enthusiasts, experts and beginners. Sebastian completely wowed the crowd (and us as always ) with his knowledge and expertise.

As personal trainers, it our job to inspire and educate people to train efficiently and safely, eat healthy, get fit, strong, healthy and have confidence. We all love what we do and as a team, we have big plans to bring our education to the world, so stay tuned for all of our seminars coming to your city.

The next Strength System seminars will be:

Gold Coast – Sunday 30th August at Result Based Training

Perth – Sunday 6th September at Result Based Training

New Zealand – Date and venue to be advised soon

Seminar cost – AUD$300

At these seminars, Sebastian will be teaching all the techniques he uses to get himself and his athletes strong. It will also include a 12 week strength training program designed by Sebastian for you to follow.

To book your spot email us at info@basebodybabes.com or info@australianstrengthcoach.com.

We hope to meet you at one of our seminars soon.

Felicia, Diana and Sebastian xxx


Glute bridges are a great exercise to help build a booty and activate the glutes. We love training the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes and back), we believe building a strong base is so important and you can’t have a strong base without a strong posterior. Our favourite exercises to do this are deadlifts, good mornings and back extensions, but in our experience, it is quite common that people have lower back issues where they are unable to perform these exercises. We also find that often people training on their own without face to face professional guidance don’t have the confidence to do these more complex movements, so we often prescribe glute bridges for those who need to strengthen this area, but are unable to load the spine.

Glute bridges are a great place to start to help activate the glutes and build some basic strength in this area. It is also of course a great exercise for anyone who wants to work the booty. We use it as accessory work to our bigger movements to add variation to our workouts.

Here is how we do them:

  1. Begin by laying down on the floor on your back
  2. Place your hands down by your side palms pressing down on the ground, if you would like more of a challenge, place the barbell or a weight plate across yourpelvic area
  3. Bring your feet close to your bottom pressing your feet into the ground
  4. Lift your hips up high and squeeze your bottom
  5. Lower your hips back down and repeat the movement

For more information on how we can help you build your base body, check out our packages here.

Happy Training babes! xx



Exercising releases natural chemicals in your body called endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in the body. We love working out because it makes us feel happy, healthy, fit, strong, energised and confident.

Our preferred method of training is with weights, we do a combination of strength and circuit style training. We believe it is the best way to shape the body and get us strong, which is such an empowering feeling.

We recommend working out a minimum of 3 times per week and don’t forget to nourish your body with healthy and nutritious foods, drink water, sleep well, stress less and surround yourself with positive energy, you will feel the reward in your mind, body and soul!

If you are in Sydney and want to get active with us, join our team on the 9th August to walk in the City2Surf Run Out Loud event. Register here and join the #basebodybabesROLteam. Use our discount code BBBSURF. We will definitely have fun being active together!!!

Sending you lots of love and positive vibes.

Your Online Personal Trainers

Felicia & Diana xx

We love strength training because we know that is where the majority of our results come from. Strength days are the days responsible for sculpting the ultimate Base Body. The focus is lifting the heaviest weight possible within the given parameters, whilst ensuring perfect technique is maintained.

When selecting how much weight is to be lifted on these days, be sure to choose the weight and stick with this same weight for the whole workout without missing any reps or breaking form. This means that the first set should feel challenging but very achievable, and by the last set, you will be more fatigued and so the level of difficulty will be increased but still attainable. If you are to train with a training partner, their job is to encourage, but not assist with any reps unless it is absolutely necessary to avoid injury. On our strength days we lift heavy weights, to put it simply, we keep the rep range low (under 8 reps), we have long enough rest periods for a better recovery so we can maintain the intensity for the whole session and we try and lift a heavier weight than we did in the previous session, this is the art of progression, which we believe is key to improving your body shape.

On our circuit days we usually perform 10-20reps, with 4-6 exercises back to back with no rest within the circuit, switching from upper body to lower body, with a 2-3 minutes rest at the end of each round. This forces our heart to pump blood around our entire body, which really gets the heart rate up, putting us into “cardio zone”.

Circuit days are the Base Body Babes preferred method of “cardio” training. This session will raise the heart rate into cardio zone and more, but because we are using weights to achieve this effect, the body knows that it still needs to be strong, so we don’t lose any of the hard earned muscle that we’ve been working for.

The combination of both strength and circuit style training with weights is what our system is based on. To have us tailor a training program especially for you click here.

Happy Training !!!

Lots of love and energy from your Online PT’s,

Felicia & Diana xx