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The Conventional Deadlift is one of our favourite exercises for strengthening the back, the muscles surrounding the hips and the lower body. The bend pattern is one of the most functional movements we perform on a daily basis, whether it’s picking up clothes off the ground, picking up your baby out of the cot, or picking up grocery bags, we find ourselves bending over many times throughout the day. By learning the correct techniques to perform the deadlift in a controlled environment (aka the gym), we are giving ourselves the perfect opportunity to strengthen the bend pattern and get us moving the right way.

There are many techniques and cues we use to help us move as efficiently and safely as possible and when working with an individual, we are able to make adjustments when lifting to suit that individuals biomechanics and get their bodies moving in the right way for them. However, we aren’t always able to work with everyone on an individual basis. After years of training ourselves and thousands of women all around the world, and working side by side with one of the best strength coaches in the world, our business partner, Sebastian Oreb aka Australian Strength Coach, we have simplified our approach and narrowed down our own cueing methods to develop a few simple and effective lifting cues to help move our bodies correctly.

Here is a simplified version of us demonstrating and instructing one of our favourite movements – the Conventional Deadlift.

We hope you enjoy this video!

Sending you all lots of love and strength,

Felicia and Diana xx
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