Base Body – The App includes some great workout tracking features to keep your training simple and organised.


Why Tracking Your Workouts Is Important?

Whether your goals are to build muscle, tone, lose weight or to feel fitter, tracking your workouts is important to ensure you are continually challenging yourself and applying progressive overload.

What Is Progressive Overload?

To put it very simply, Progressive Overload is when we plan to make gradual improvements with your training over time.

If you want to make a change to your body, you need to learn how to progress with your training. If you keep doing what your body can already do, your body doesn’t need to change.

There are a number of ways we can do this, but our two favorite ways are to either increase the amount of weight we are lifting or increase the amount of reps we are performing each session.

How Base Body Babes’ App Can Help?

Alongside our state of the art Load Calculator, which helps you determine what weights you are capable of lifting throughout your program and designed, we have many workout tracking tools to ensure you are continually progressing.

✔️ A workout tracker to always guide you to your next workout
✔️ A weights tracker so you always know what weights you have lifted before
✔️ A sleep and water tracker so you can see your health habits
✔️ Body measurements tracker so you can track as your body changes

Meet Your Trainers

Felicia Oreb


(Mother / Wife / Unorganised / Creative / Squat Lover / Quick & Effective Workout Advocate)

Hi! I’m Felicia Oreb, one half of the Base Body Babes

I am a personal trainer and co-founded the Base Body Babes together with my sister in 2012. I have a Bachelor Degree in Design, majoring in Interior Designer and have used my creative flair to enhance our brands aesthetic appeal and make it one of the most recognised fitness brands in the world.

After having my first child in 2010, I began my own health and fitness journey to build my strength and fitness. I trained with my husband Sebastian Oreb (@australianstrengthcoach) who is one of the world’s best strength coaches to develop a strong, happy and healthy body. My sister Diana was working at the child care center where I was taking my daughter and everyday at school drop off, other mothers would ask what I did to get into shape postpartum. Diana had already completed her Personal Training Certification and was regularly training herself and others outside of her day job. We would get daily requests from the mothers at the school to train with us and this is what prompted us to start an outdoor bootcamp for mums.

It was not long after this that other women (not mums) began to notice us and the results we were getting for our clients and soon enough we were approached to help them achieve their health and fitness goals also. As a result, we expanded our business and created our online training service that catered for all women and not long after, we were able to open our first gym, before eventually expanding to open a further two.

I am extremely passionate about teaching my daughters and women all over the world the importance of having a healthy, happy and strong body and mind. I love lifting weights and I love lifting heavy, but as a mum of a toddler, I don’t often have time anymore for longer sessions. I understand what it means to be a busy mum and wife with barely any spare time, but I always try to prioritise my health, fitness and personal goals by showing up and getting it done, whatever that may look like, and I am here to help you do the same.

Sending you lots of love & strength,

Felicia xx

Felicia Oreb


(Strong / Organised / Professional Planner / Deadlift Lover / Strength Enthusiast)

Hi! I’m Diana Johnson, one half of the Base Body Babes.

I have been passionate about health and fitness for a very long time now. I was always a sporty kid and started training in the gym in my mid teens, I even employed my own personal trainer when I was 16 years old. Out of school, I completed my Degree in Early Childhood Learning and began directing childcare centers around Sydney. I loved my work and have always loved helping people. I also really loved training and as a side hobby, I completed my Personal Training Certification, initially out of my own interest, because I wanted to learn as much as I could so I could train myself and my friends.

It wasn’t until 2012, not long after my sister had her first born, that we both decided to change careers and start our new business together. We began coaching clients from our local park, before we outgrew that setup and realised we needed a physical space indoors to accommodate our growing clientele. We went on to open our first female exclusive gym, whilst also working on our online business, so we could reach even more women from around the world.

Our amazing Base Body Studio is my happy place. I love training myself, my friends and our clients there and am forever grateful for the opportunity we have to train and be surrounded by so many amazing women. I love the community we have created and it’s an honor to wake up everyday and go to a place that I so genuinely love.

I love lifting heavy weights, my favourite lift is the Sumo Deadlift and without sounding too proud, I have achieved some pretty cool things with my lifts. I am able to squat and deadlift triple my bodyweight, which is something I never thought was possible, but here I am, using our Base Body methods and getting stronger, fitter, healthier, happier and more confident with every year that passes, and now I hope I can help you do the same.

Sending you lots of love & strength,

Diana xx

What Are The Benefits Of Base Body Babes App

✔️ Home & Gym Weights Based Training Programs
✔️ Exercise Video Tutorials with Technique Cues
✔️ Alternative Exercises (Including Regressions)
✔️ Recipes with Macronutrient and Calorie Breakdowns
✔️ Smartphone Health Integration
✔️ Exclusive Access to BBBVIP Private Facebook Group
✔️ Exclusive Access to Discounts from Affiliated Brands

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Start Your Fitness Journey Today! 

Start Your Fitness Journey Today! 

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