What is the Base Body Babes Online Program?

The Base Body Babes Online Program is a training and nutrition program that runs in 4 week phases, but continues indefinitely for as long as you would like to train with us. It is a combination of strength and circuit style training with weights.

How many weeks does the Base Body Babes Online Program run for?

Our program runs in 4 week phases. We recommend this to prevent your body from plateauing and to ensure you to continue to progress. It is an automatic monthly subscription which renews monthly. You pay for a month at a time at the beginning of your 4 week phase. You can cancel anytime, but there are no refunds for any weeks of the previously paid for 4 week program.

I finished Phase 1 of my Base Body Babes program, what do I do next?

It is an automatic monthly subscription which renews monthly. You pay for a month at a time at the beginning of your 4 week phase. You can cancel anytime, but there are no refunds for any weeks of the previously paid for 4 week program.

How long does each workout last?

We recommend you allow a minimum of 45-60 minutes for each workout.

Is each program that I purchase different?

Every phase released will be different. The changes made are designed by us to improve your ultimate Base Body with a combination of strength and circuit days.

Once purchased, how long does it take to receive my program?

Your training and nutrition program will be released to you through personal login under the “MY HOME/GYM PROGRAM” and “MY NUTRITION” section within 24 hours of your purchase.

Is your program available world wide?

Yes, our programs are available worldwide.

What is included in the Nutrition Plan? What food groups are included, and what food groups are limited?

Together with our Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist Marika Day, we have created a nutrition program with recipes, shopping lists and health and lifestyle tips that will compliment your training program and keep your body fuelled with healthy and delicious foods. We also provide gluten free and vegan alternatives. This is not a customised meal plan, but a standard information guide that will help educate you for life.

If I have allergies or food intolerances, can I still follow the Nutrition Plan?

There are gluten free and vegan options within the nutrition plan. If you have any special requirements, we have our qualified nutritionist to further help via our customised service. Inquire via email.

Is there any cardio in these programs?

All Base Body Babes programs will achieve a cardiovascular response with use of weights. We do not use traditional ‘cardio’ techniques such as treadmills or electrical machines as we believe our cardio methods with weights based circuits are a far superior method to achieve your Base Body.

Do I need a gym membership?

We highly recommend to follow your program from a gym as you will have access to a greater range of equipment, however we have our home program to follow should you not wish to train out of a gym. The only equipment we recommend for the home program is a set of dumbbells.

If I workout from home, what equipment do I need?

If you choose to workout from home, we require a set of dumbbells as a minimum.

How many days a week do I need to train?

Our program includes 4 training days, which we recommend. However, the number of days you train is up to you. As long as you follow the rotation of set days within the program you can train as many days as you like. We always recommend at least one complete rest day.

What protein do you recommend?

Our preferred protein powder is BareBlends WPI (http://bareblends.com.au). If you are lactose intolerant or have any other dietary requirements, we recommend Bare Blends Plant Protein.

Pre and post-natal fitness

Unfortunately we do not offer online programming for women who are pregnant. However, if you are located in Sydney we can provide face to face training from our gyms Base Gym, North Sydney and Base Body Studio, Kensington.

For post-natal training, you must get medical clearance from your doctor prior to starting our program. We do not recommend beginning exercise until you are 12 weeks postpartum or until you have received clearance from your doctor.

Refund/exchange policy

Base Body Babes programs have a no exchange or refund policy. Once you have purchased your 4 week phase of training upfront, there is no refund on those 4 weeks. Our subscription automatically renews monthly for the new month of training. However you can cancel your subscription at anytime by cancelling through your ‘My Base’ section, however you will not be refunded for any payment already made. If you have any queries or concerns, please go to the ‘Contact Us’ tab so that we can further discuss and resolve your concerns.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Jump on to your account, click MY BASE at the top right hand corner, navigate to SUBSCRIPTIONS. On the right hand side next to your subscription, there will be a “Pause” button. This will cancel any payments moving forward and your account will be inactive after your subscription period ends (you will however will still be able to log in). Should you wish to start training again, this “Pause” button will now say “Resume”, which will allow you to pick up your program where you left off!

Cancellation policy

The Base Body Babes Online Program is a subscription based membership that can be cancelled at anytime. There are no contracts, the only commitment is you pay for your 4 weeks of training in advance. Once that is paid for there is no refund on the paid amount as you will have already received your program. Once your subscription is cancelled, no more further payments will be made.