Your month by month online training and nutrition program to help you

The Base Body Babes online training platform is a training experience like no other. This is virtual personal training at its best. Whether your goal is to lose fat, improve sports performance, gain muscle, get fit, healthy, strong, rehabilitate injury, gain confidence, and have better quality of life, our Base Body Babes Online Program can help you achieve it all. As human movement specialists, who understand the absolute importance of technique and correct programming, we are here to give you the tools you need to train as safely and efficiently as possible, as well as eat well to help you achieve your desired results.

We know from experience through training ourselves, and training thousands of women around the world, that strength training provides greater results than any other form of training. We are experts in our field and we know strength is the answer. Our methods are simple and effective, but most of all, if you follow our program, results are GUARANTEED!


Collaboration with Australian Strength Coach

  5 Days Per Week
  Full Online Support
  Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift Focussed
  Requirement: Barbell & Dumbbells
  Nutrition Plan





  4 Days Per Week
  Strength & Circuit Sessions
  Squat & Deadlift Focussed
  Full Online Support
  Complimentary Access to Home & Bodyweight Program
  Nutrition Plan





  4 Days Per Week
  Strength & Circuit Sessions
  Requirement: Dumbbell Set
  Full Online Support
  Complimentary Access to Gym & Bodyweight Program
  Nutrition Plan




The Base Body Babes Online Program is an easy to follow 4 week training program for you to complete at home or at the gym, with our BBB Nutrition Program. Our goal with this program is to build a base, to teach you how to move correctly and eat well by providing a detailed plan and the education to help you achieve your goals. Our program is designed to better your health, increase your strength and fitness and to help you become more confident with your training and in life.

Our training system is based around resistance training and we recommend you follow our programs for 4 weeks at a time, after which we believe it is most beneficial to change programs to prevent your body from adapting and plateauing. It is essential for optimal results that the body is continuously challenged in order for it to change and develop. Our programs are designed to help you progress and we already have your next phase of the program designed and ready for you to start after each 4 week program. We would love to continue to help you transform, so we hope that you will continue to train with us indefinitely. We are sure you will love this training experience and we can’t wait to get started.


  • 4 Week Training Program, including 4 training days per week
  • BBB Nutrition Program
  • Recipes including gluten free and vegan options
  • Online Video Technique Tutorials
  • Exclusive access to members only BBB Online Forum

Please note for the Home program we do require that you invest in a set of dumbbells as a minimum to complete this program. We have designed the program in a way to help you progress in strength and fitness and we hope that as you get stronger and more confident you would either invest in more home equipment or take the next step and start training from a gym where you have access to more equipment. We understand that the gym setting is not suitable for everyone, so we have created this program to get you as strong, fit and healthy as possible at home.



With the option to train at home or in the gym, you can choose which program suits your life. Our programs run in 4 week phases with 4 weights based training days per week. We believe it is best to change programs every 4 weeks to prevent your body from adapting and plateauing.


Exercise video tutorials of us personally demonstrating and instructing each exercise in the program, so you will have us working with you every step of the way to ensure you get the absolute most out of our program. Technique is so important to us and we want to teach you our methods so you have the confidence to move as safely, correctly and efficiently as possible.


Together with our Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist Marika Day, we have created a nutrition program with recipes, shopping lists and health and lifestyle tips that will compliment your training program and keep your body fuelled with healthy and delicious foods. We also provide gluten free and vegan alternatives.


Our Base Body Babes members only online forum will help you connect with other like minded women who are also following our program. Keep motivated and feel supported throughout with the help of other amazing women on similar journeys as you.


  • Teach you how to lift weights correctly
  • Give you confidence to lift weights and change your body
  • Develop strength both physically and mentally
  • Help you make healthier food choices
  • Connect you with other like minded women
  • Transform your life
  • Make you happier, healthier, fitter, stronger and more confident!